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Do you have a sense for what you like or want?

Or have a vision for your project but just need assistance making it come to fruition?

Or do you maybe need a little more help putting together your finishes?

Whatever the case, allow us to help!
Anthony has more than 33 years of experience and know how when it comes to completing flooring projects, both large and small.

Amber returned home 5 years ago to join the family business, with 12 years of experience in the industry, and has completed projects guiding our customers in design decisions, also consulting in other aspects of projects including finishes selections. She works with many local builders and contractors selecting finishes for their projects, as well as individuals, designers and other interior decorators.

Kimberly is a refreshing addition to our team and comes to us with over 15 year experience in design and construction. She has a keen eye for design and operates her own design business as well!

How do we get started? Let's start by looking at your house plans, or planning a site visit for your project. We can discuss your thoughts and ideas for your project. In conjunction we will spend time in our expansive showroom nailing down selections for your special project. In planning a new construction home this may take more than one visit. We will help you plan the minute details, making sure all materials flow together seamlessly, and such details as grout selection colors are made appropriately.

Also, if you allow our talented installers to complete your project, we will be here along the way to make sure your visions come alive!


Working ideas for a new home: We like to lay out all selections for a home during the process to make sure all of the flooring choices flow, and marry well together in the home. It is fine to have rooms with a different flair, to personalize different spaces for different uses, but there should be something that unifies each space with the rest of the home.

We offer more brands and products than any other flooring store in our area, and will work with you to find just the right flooring for your project!

Other than large projects like new construction homes, or renovating existing ones, we also specialize in custom area rugs, and offer more selection and choice in materials than you can imagine! We are happy to work with you to coordinate your rugs with your existing finishes.

To schedule an appointment call us at 251.345.1905, or email - or just stop into the store at your convenience.