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Why Expressway - No Sales Gimmicks

free.jpgYou have seen the advertisements on television, in print ads, and at the stores. The companies who offer "free installation," or other sales gimmick that just do not make sense!

"But how are they able to offer these deals?" you ask. The truth is, they are not!

Nothing is free, and the installation crew that arrives to your home to install this carpet for free, we can promise, will not be working for free that day. You are paying the installation fee, it is just a hidden cost.

But where?

1) Inaccurate Quantities: Often too much carpet is sold to you, the consumer. Carpet comes most often in 12" foot widths, so most rooms do need to have a seam somewhere. But too often the "needed square footage" to complete the job is too high, which in turn forces you to purchase more carpet than needed. 

- At Expressway, we are happy to visit your home, free of charge, and use our experience and know how to give you an accurate quote. We refuse to put a seam in a high traffic location, and will work to make sure the carpet is laid out correctly, with the least amount of wasted materials possible to do the job correctly.

2) Expensive Carpet Pad: Carpet pad prices are extremely high at many of these stores! These businesses sell carpet pad for twice the price they can be purchased for. An 8 LB pad with a moisture barrier can be purchased for around $.55 / SF, while you see them selling for $1.05 / SF!

- At Expressway, we offer premium quality carpet pad, starting at $.45 / SF, all the way to $.75 / SF for the highest quality closed-cell memory foam cushion. Do not be tricked into overpaying for carpet pad.

3) Extra Charges: Excessive furniture moving charges are common, and while the install may be "free," it is nothing for them to tack on another $100 for a dresser. They may also charge for tack strip, seam sealer, or a wide array of other items that are part of normal installation charges. Beware of hidden charges!

- At Expressway, yes we do charge to move furniture, but our rates are fair and consistent. We are happy to move your big items for you, we just ask you move the little things! Also, any items needed to complete your job, like seam sealer or tack strip are not add-ons.

4) Estimate Charges: Often you may be asked to pay a fee for an estimate. 

- At Expressway, we are happy to give you a free and fair estimate, working with you to find a time to do so that fits your needs. We only ask that you visit us in store first, and choose a product or two for us to give you an estimate on. We will work with you until we find the best product that meets your needs, budget, and desired look.

In closing, do not let yourself be fooled by these sales gimmicks. Let us help you find the right product, at a fair price, and have our professionals install the carpet for you. Your installation will be warrantied for two years on residential homes. And in the rare event your carpet may have an issue in the future, we will be here to help navigate a warranty claim with the manufacturer the carpet was purchased from. That is something you do not want to undertake with a large, chain store.

Remember to buy from specialists, and shop local Mobile!!