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Why Polyester?

Why Polyester? 

A Polyester Carpet Might by the Right Choice for Your Home

In 1941, British scientists John Whinfield and James Dickson first invented polyester in England. Upon the end of World War II, the American company DuPont purchased the right to make polyester.

Polyester has changed, and improved vastly in it's almost 80 years of existence, and now makes up the majority of residential carpet fiber sales.

Value & Innovation

Why is this you ask? First of all, polyester is relatively inexpensive per ounce when compared to it's counterparts, nylon, SmartStrand, and natural fibers. The creation of polyester is not as largely dependant on availabilty and the ever changing prices of petroleum. Many companies' polyester fibers are even made from recycled plastics, like Mohawk's innovative EverStrand fiber.

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Polyester's are generally a cleaner production process, and therefore may be considered a "greener choice."

Stain Resistant

Our favorite attribute of a polyester carpet however, is that they are hydrophobic, meaning they do not want to absorb moisture. If they do not want to absorb moisture, they are extremely stain resistant naturally!

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Lastly, a well made polyester carpet can be quite durable in your home. Many carpet styles that are popular today, like loop patterns, are wonderful options for most homes. Tight, or dense polyester carpets will preform better over time. This statement is true for any fiber type.